When the Egyptians Attempted It, They Were Drowned

In the book of Hebrews when great feats of Old Testament faith were recalled, the writer spoke of the great miracle at the Red Sea.  The Israelites had fled their slavery in Egypt, but Pharoah’s army was in hot pursuit.  It appeared that the Israelites were cornered at the Read Sea, but God split the sea such that the Israelites were able to cross as though they were passing through dry land.  Subsequently, the Egyptians attempted to chase them through the path God had made.  However, the Egyptians were drowned in the process as God allowed the waters to return to normal.  The lesson was obvious: faith makes a way that unbelief cannot follow.

We see this pattern reenacted before us in the experience of the church since the days of the apostles.  Church in New Testament days was an instrument of God.  It resulted from the preaching of the apostles who bore witness to what they eyes had seen, their ears had heard, and their hands had handled of Jesus of Nazareth, the resurrected Son of God and Messiah of Israel.  The apostles bore witness to Jesus and this church bore witness to the apostles, leaving as inheritance to every generation since, the documents we call the New Testament.  These documents not only are the written testimony regarding the Lord, sworn in blood, they are the key to understanding the Old Testament.  Praise be to God for this church, for they escaped the slavery of sin and of the law and glorified the God of Israel, Creator of heaven and earth, and Redeemer of all humanity.

Churches in every generation since have attempted to follow that same path, but without the same spiritual success.  That is because churches in generations since the apostles have made their attempts in the flesh and not in the spirit.  That is, they have not acted in faith, but rather in unbelief.  They have not believed the Lord’s promise that He would return before the generation of Jesus and His apostles had passed away.  Thus they continue to look for a Jesus according to the flesh.  Though humanity has known Jesus in the flesh, we know Him thus no longer.  He is God Almighty…and He is here in our midst, reigning in His kingdom!

Church is useless in this age.  Let every believer in Jesus Christ believe.  He is the invisible God and we should walk before Him in humility all the days and hours of our lives wherever we are and wherever we happen to go.  The glory of His kingdom cannot be contained by a church.

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