Another Pharoah Who Knew Not Joseph

During Joseph’s time in Egypt, his wisdom came to be appreciated by the country’s leader.  Joseph was elevated to Pharoah’s right hand, ruling over the entire Egyptian realm.  In a subsequent generation, however, another king arose to rule Egypt who did not remember or appreciate the benefits Joseph had brought to that land.  Thus this pharaoh enslaved the descendants of Joseph and his family – that is, the Hebrews.

Similarly, in our generation we see spiritual leaders who do not exalt Jesus.  They subjugate people in the name of God.  Those strong in faith do not subject themselves to such human rule for the resurrected Lord is able to rule through His kingdom all those who trust Him in this generation.  However, the weak in faith yield to these pharaohs, giving them prominence which distracts from the glory of the Lord.  By doing so, the weak in faith enslave themselves and do not enjoy the ever-increasing glory of  God.

Let us not live in the bondage of an Egypt which has believers ruling over other believers.  Instead, let us live in the promised land of the liberty of the Lord where each believer answers only to God Himself.

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