The Yoke of Grace Versus the Yoke of Law

The Scriptures speak of the yoke which Jesus gives: the yoke of grace.  His yoke is easy and His load is light.  The Scriptures also speak of the yoke of the law of Moses – a yoke which according to the apostle Peter, “Neither we nor our fathers have been able to bear.”  The Jews of Jesus’ day had good reason to speak this way about the yoke of the law for they had attempted with great effort to keep it.  Do not think that they brushed it off.  They embraced it and gave themselves to it as completely as they knew how.  Yet this still was not enough.  It was an onerous burden.  The process turned many of them into Pharisees, including the apostle Paul.  Thus when Jesus came offering the yoke of the kingdom of heaven they grasp it with all their heart – none more famously than Peter. 

Believers did not grasp the yoke of grace simply because it was easier.  They embraced it was better and because it was God’s plan.  The yoke of the law had prepared them for it.  Therefore, when God said the time for the kingdom had come, they were ready.  Yes, some, like Paul, were slower to accept.  But once they understood that the lighter yoke actually resulted in greater service and glory to God, there was no reason not to accept it with all one’s heart!

Today people are pursuing God as if under a yoke of law.  They go to church regularly, they endure religious rituals, they put their faith in their piety.  As a result, they are burdened and joyless.  Would that they threw off the yoke of law and embraced the yoke of grace.  This yoke of grace is still easy and the load is still light.  It consists of the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.  

Live in the light of Jesus.  Acknowledge His presence wherever you go.  Do not bow down to religious institutions or authorities of any kind.  Be done with lesser things and serve the King of Kings.

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