The Spirit of the Judaizers

The spirit of the Judaizers animates the church today. 

In New Testament times, the Judaizers objected to the gospel of grace that Paul and the others apostles preached on the grounds that faith alone was not enough.  Judaizers believed that converts should also practice circumcision according to the Law of Moses.  Their argument was that circumcision had been established by God and could not be abandoned.  The book of Galatians provides a clear, complete, and compelling view of the apostolic argument against the Judaizers.  In summary it was: the grace of God is sufficient.

Today, the spirit of the Judaizers is still alive in those who practice and preach church attendance.  They say that trusting God is not enough, believers need to be in subjection to other believers.  They also say that church was established by God and cannot be abandoned.  In spirit, the book of Galatians provides a clear, complete, and compelling view of what the apostolic argument against this sort of thinking would be.  The apostles are not here to speak for themselves so we must read their words and catch their spirit.  Their message was of liberty (2 Corinthians 3:17). 

Today’s church leaders claim the Bible as their authority for mandating  church.  But they overlook the fact that in New Testament times the Old Testament was all the Bible that people had – and the Judaizers claimed its authority for mandating circumcision.  I urge you to re-read the book of Galatians and see that the spirit that animated the Judaizers then is the same spirit that animates church leaders today.

Be like the men of Issachar who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do.

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