The Spirit of Paul

Re-read the first three chapters of 1 Corinthians and refresh your apprehension of the spirit of Paul.  You probably know that spirit well since over half the New Testament came through him.

Where is the spirit of Paul today?  It is certainly not guiding the churches.  Or should we say, the churches are certainly not following it.  Paul was shocked to learn that factions were developing in the church at Corinth and he showed no tolerance for it.  He chastised them, calling them “fleshly men” and “babies in Christ.”  If the beginnings of fissure in the church of one city provoked him so, what would he do upon encountering the fractured world of denominational and nondenominational Christianity we see today? 

The churches of today profess allegiance to Paul but are rebellious to his direction.  He told the Corinthians he wanted to “know nothing but Christ” whereas today’s churches major on everything under the sun except Christ.

What would Paul say to the churches today?  “Flee idolatry and pursue the righteousness, peace, and joy that is the kingdom of God.”

Paul preached faith.  The wolves he said would come in after him preached a doctrine of man-made church.  Choose which of these you will embrace for they have nothing to do with each other.  The churches claim Paul’s legacy but do not have his spirit.

If Paul were here today he would tell us to forget about church altogether and pursue the kingdom of God instead.

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