Don’t Tell Others They Must Read the Bible

It is good that you benefit  from reading the Bible.  Let us not, however, turn it into a commandment for others.  God may not be calling them to read it.  All of us have the same Master and the same commandments, but we do not all have the same callings.

We live in the kingdom of heaven and God has written His law on every human heart (Rom 2).  He is therefore able to direct the life of every human being who will listen to Him – without reference to the written word of God.  There are wonderful people in the world who have never read the Bible.  Some of these wonderful people have never even heard of it. 

Let your Bible reading  bless others by the way it makes you behave with them.  That is, be a doer of the word, not just a reader only (James 1).  As you grow in grace, you will be an even greater blessing to those around you.   

If others show interest in the Scriptures, by all means help them as Philip did the Ethiopian on the road to Gaza.  Be happy to share with others that which has been a blessing and treasure to you.  But never lay it on them as a requirement.

God’s commandments are sufficient.  Let us never add to them.

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