The Lord Wants the Pleasure of Teaching His People

We who know that the face of our Creator is found in Jesus of Nazareth do well to proclaim His name and tell of His glory. 

We must be careful, however, that we never assume His teaching role.  He is the Teacher of all humanity.  He is the One who holds class from the heavenly Zion into the heats of all mankind.  He is the one who makes known the paths of righteousness to every one of the lambs in His flock. 

We cannot teach anyone how to live.  We proclaim Him who teaches everyone how to live.

We do not know enough about righteousness to be teachers.  We are children who know the name of the Teacher.  Our goal is to let Him have the pleasure of teaching us, and anyone else who will listen.

If our brother sins, we can point Him back to Jesus the Teacher.  Nevertheless, we should do so in a spirit of gentleness, looking to ourselves lest we, too, be tempted.  All men know the Lord; He has seen to that. 

All over the world today, people are teaching in the name of the Lord, taking attention from the saints that is due the Lord only.  Let everyone be a disciple of His; let none of us be disciples of each other.

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