Satan’s World Turned Upside Down

One of the most stunning aspects of our salvation through Jesus Christ is that He literally turned creation upside down to save us.

In the original order, angels were over mankind.  Through the resurrection, God was going to raise the human dead to angelic status (Matt 22).  There was a precursor to this when Jesus’ disciples were treading over all the power of the enemy and Jesus saw Satan falling from heaven like lightning (Luke 10).  This was quite a change from the days when Satan walked wherever He wished on the earth and foisted havoc on God’s favored ones such as Job (Job 1:7; 2:2).

Even those who had expected God to raise the dead had not had the nerve to hope that resurrection would be all the way to heaven and over angels!  Thus angels went from lords to being ministering spirits for all those who would inherit salvation (Heb 1).  Angels themselves had no advance warnings of this plan and longed to learn of it as they heard the gospel being preached by humanity (1 Peter 1).  Thus this eternal purpose was made known to rulers in heavenly places through the New Testament church (Eph 3).   

As the day of Christ was drawing near (Heb 10), the saints contemplated their coming elevation into the angelic realm (Heb 2).  Paul even wrote that Satan would soon be crushed under their feet ( Rom 16).  Had he understood the ultimate outcome of Jesus’s crucifixion, Satan might not have inspired it (1 Cor 2).   On the basis of this astounding turn of events, people were turning from Satan’s dominion to trust the Son of God (Acts 26). 

At the last trumpet, at the coming of the Lord, when the new heavens and new earth were brought in, Satan was thrown down to earth and the dead were raised from Sheol to heaven – never to return again.  All this took place away from fleshly eyes, but we may know that it did by testimony of the word of God.

Satan’s world is upside down and ours is now right-side up.  The Jewish Thessalonians who protested that the gospel of Jesus was turning the world upside down (Acts 17:6) had little idea how profoundly accurate they were! 

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For those who would like a fuller explanation from the Bible that everyone is going to heaven, I am posting online a book:  The Biblical Case for Everyone Going to Heaven.

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