The Stone Which the Builders Rejected

You must be familiar with the words of this post’s title which come from Psalm 118.  The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief corner stone.  Alas, in this fallen world, this is the way it seems to happen.

God had chosen Joseph to prepare a salvation for all of his father’s family – yet his brothers rejected him.  God had chosen David because the king that all the people thought perfect for the role, wasn’t.  David’s older brothers mocked him for approaching the battle lines and expressing curiosity about a big thug who was taunting the armies of God.  And, of course, you are well familiar with how the leaders of Israel rejected Jesus who was the ultimate example of this verse.  They did not think Jesus a worthy stone, yet He turned out to be the chief corner stone of the final and eternal dwelling that God was building.

Builders are always rejecting God’s choice because they prefer building to obeying God.  As it was in the days of the Tower of Babel, so it was in the days of Jesus.  In that sense, it is not at all strange that we see today those who are building churches rejecting Jesus in the process.  Oh, they will pay Jesus lip service.  It’s all done in His name.  Yet the building is not for Him to inhabit.  Church builders today are attempting to build for God buildings He has not requested.  As Stephen would say, they are resisting the Holy Spirit just as their fathers had done.  I myself was one of those builders but in His mercy, God showed me where I erred. 

The corner stone of life is the invisible God.  In our age, that means the Lord Jesus Christ who needs no earthly temple, for He Himself fills the heavens and the earth.  Those who reject Him and build on any other foundation are building on a foundation of sand that will not withstand the floods that inevitably come.   

Repent and return to the Lord from whom you have deeply defected.  He will be merciful.  He waits with loving arms.  Stop building things for your purposes while saying that they are for His.  He has no need of a house, but He does knock on your door that He might come in and sup with you.

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