From Christian Leaders to Christlike Followers

God does not need Christian leaders in this day.  Instead, He wishes to have followers who seek to imitate Him. 

He does not need you to watch over His people because He Himself is watching over His people.

He does not need you to be a shepherd for He Himself is Shepherd of His people.

It is an act of pride to say you are a Christian leader.  It is an act of humility to seek to be a Christlike follower.

Why would we call ourselves, or even allow ourselves to be called, leaders when He said in Matthew 23 that we should not be called leaders because He was the Leader?  How much more explicit could He possibly be on this issue?

Let us throw down our shepherd’s staff and bow in order that we might be His sheep.  If we do, others may follow us to Him and then we will have led in a productive way.

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