The Apostles’ Teaching

You’ve read in Acts 2 how new disciples of Jesus were devoted to the apostles’ teaching.  And so it was throughout the New Testament: true believers were devoted to the apostles’ teaching.  The apostles were not unopposed in the church, but they were never opposed by true believers – only by the rebellious.

We today are beneficiaries of the New Testament which the apostles left.  Therefore, we, too, can be devoted to the apostles’ teaching.  I trust that you are.

When the apostles look forward in their writing, it is always to the Lord’s kingdom (The Second Coming, the day of the Lord, the new heavens and new earth, and so on).  They never look forward to the formalization of the church in order to wait on an ever-delaying Lord.  When they do look forward to the Lord’s coming, they often warn against false teachers who will seek to draw away disciples after themselves.

Where is there anything in the apostles’ teaching that would constitute the church administration we see in our day?  You cannot find it.  In fact, verses that could be applied to the administration of churches and denominations is so scant and conflicting that churches cannot even agree on a single form of church government.

A very important issue to the apostles was that the church be kept as one body of Christ.  Why then did they not leave in their teaching a means by which we could avoid having thousands upon thousands of denominations?

If there is no manual of church administration in the apostles’ teaching, why should anyone be administering churches?  If, in the apostles’ teaching, there are warnings of teachers who will seek to draw away the disciples after themselves, why should anyone follow any teacher who seeks the Lord’s disciples?  If the apostles’ teaching is filled with hope in the Lord’s soon coming, why should anyone – almost two thousand years later – say that He didn’t come?

The apostles’ teaching is worthy of our devotion.  They knew our God and Savior Jesus Christ in the flesh and in the spirit.  Let those of us who know their teaching cease paying it lip service, and dedicate our lives to acting on all it teaches.

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