The Kingdom of God Means Victory Over Our Enemies

Through the kingdom of God, we have victory over all our enemies.  Our enemies are not anyone we can see.  Our enemies are entirely unseen.  Every person we can see is on our side – even if they don’t realize it.  Jesus bought the entire human race; we all now belong to Him.  For this reason He died, that He might be Lord of both the living and the dead.  That doesn’t leave out a single human being.

When God delivered the Jews through Esther and Mordecai, He provided a decree from the king and weapons with which they could fight and defeat those who hated them.  Some people thought the Second Coming would be a time when God would vanquish all our enemies.  He has vanquished them in heaven.  Satan has fallen to earth like lightning.  It is we, however, who are to vanquish Satan and his host on earth.  The decrees of a king cannot be changed and so Satan and his kingdom operate with the authority they were originally given.  We, however, have been given even greater authority.  Satan is under our feet.  We have a salvation into which angels long to look.  If the rulers of this world had known what they were unleashing upon themselves by crucifying Jesus, they would not have done it. 

Thanks be to God who always gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.  There is no victory without a fight.  Be at peace with all men, but be at war with the host of darkness.  In heaven we will rest from such battles for the war in heaven is over.  Satan was thrown down. 

Keep your relationship with God close, for from that He will supply all you need for victory on earth.

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