He Will Feed Them Himself

In Ezekiel 34, God says that the day will come when He set one shepherd over His people, and that this shepherd will “feed them himself.” 

We live in that day.  Jesus is the one shepherd set over all humanity.  How does He feed us Himself? 

Jesus gave us His life.  We consumed Him, and He was no more…on the earth.  However, and more importantly, we continue to feed on His life for inspiration and direction for our own lives.  This is just what He spoke of when He said at the Last Supper that we should eat His flesh and drink His blood.

Something even greater was at work here, however.  It was that God was in Christ giving Himself.  That is, when God sent Jesus He was sending Himself.  God donned flesh and became to us Jesus of Nazareth.  We did not know who He was.  We knew this prophet from Galilee was anointed by God.  We had no idea that He was God Himself.  But looking back we can feed on that life, even feast on it, because of the unlimited glory it held, and holds, for us. 

God Himself became the bread of our life.  In the strength that this bread brings, we shall live forever.

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