The Gospel Was Hidden in Plain View

The good news of Jesus Christ was chronicled well in advance.  What we now call the Old Testament testifies abundantly about Him.  In fact, through John 5 and Luke 24 we know that Jesus taught that He Himself was the primary subject of these Scriptures.

So thoroughly did the Old Testament proclaim the gospel that the apostles had no need of a New Testament.  Yes, we have one, and need it, for it contains the apostles’ testimony.  But the apostles themselves did not have it because it was only assembled after they had all died, and they did not need it because the Old Testament Scriptures were sufficient for them.

Thus the story of Jesus was written in advance but in such a way that no one could fully understand it until He had been crucified and resurrected.  Similarly, the story of His Second Coming was written in advance – through the Old and New Testaments – but only understood once someone recognizes that the Messiah…was God!

The contrast between what the Scriptures say before Jesus and what they say after – and through the prism of – Jesus is staggering.  The more we repent in humility before Him the more light we can see emanating from its pages.  If you don’t see Jesus all over the Old Testament, you are not seeing it rightly.  Turn to the Lord that the veil  described in 2 Cor 3 may be taken away.

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