Do You Struggle with the Invisibility of His Kingdom?

Since apostolic times, we are to seek Jesus Christ in His kingdom, not in the church.  Does it cause you to struggle that the kingdom is invisible and that there’s no physical place to go to find it?

It is entirely to your benefit that the kingdom is this way.  If the kingdom were accessed in a physical location then its power would be limited.  It invisibility means it is universally accessible.  You can reach it from wherever you are.

Your keys to the kingdom are the name of Jesus and your faithful obedience to His commands.  You both know His name and know His commands, and His commands are not burdensome. 

This should help you: when you sought God in church, you were a watcher of God.  But true faith is constant acknowledgement that you are being watched by God.  Therefore, transition yourself from being the watcher to being the watched.  As the watcher, you could never see God anyway because He can’t be perceived through sight or any of the other four physical senses.  As you stay aware that you are being watched by a righteous and loving God, you are “seeing” Him in a different sense.  You are “seeing Him who is unseen” – which is how Moses saw Him (Heb 11).

In the church you are watched by people (which is really no different from the world at large).  In the kingdom, however, you are watched by God.  In other words, the best way to come to know God is to start by being known by God (Gal 4:9).  Are you willing to stay conscious of the fact that every thought you have is passing before His eyes?  If so, you are not far from the kingdom.

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