The Second Coming Is a Matter of Faith, Not Hope

Hope is for the future, faith is for the present. 

There was a time when the Second Coming of Jesus Christ was a matter of hope:  the time when the New Testament was being written.  Those documents virtually throb with the hope of Christ’s imminent return.  Now, however, almost two thousand years later, we no longer hope for the Second Coming.  We accept it as a matter of faith.  It is not something that will be; it is something that happened, just as was promised.  We don’t hope for it – we believe it!

If you are a Christian and encounter a Jew who says he is hoping for the coming of his Messiah, what will you tell him?  You will tell him that his hope has been fulfilled, that indeed his Messiah did come, and that he can now turn to this Messiah in faith – which is the present-tense acknowledgement of reality.  Similarly, if you encounter a Christian who says he is hoping for the coming again of his Messiah, you can tell him that his Messiah came just as he promised – long ago. 

No one hopes that he will be born.  A man will hope for many things, but not that he will be born, for he has already been born.  No one hopes for what he already has.  Similarly, you may hope for Jesus to do some particular thing for you or that He will make some particular thing happen.  But there is no need to hope that His Second Coming will occur.  It already did.  Why didn’t anyone see it?  Because God’s invisible, and that’s who Jesus is – God!

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