Who Is Worthy to Be Believed?

Being a prophet or apostle in Israel was a dangerous occupation.  They were always persecuted and often killed.  Yet they kept proclaiming their message.  And indeed it was one message for all of them.  They did not have different messages.  They may have spoken in many different portions and many different ways but they all spoke a consistent message: redemption through the Righteous One who would be sent with a kingdom which would never end – the prophets in the Old Testament beforehand, the apostles in the New Testament after Jesus walked the earth.

The prophets always spoke of the Righteous One in the future tense – until John the Baptist, who spoke of Him in future and present tense.  Then, after His resurrection, the apostles spoke of Him in past, present, and future tense. 

The prophets and apostles were motivated by love for Him and love for us (their fellow human beings).  No other motivation could account for the suffering they endured.  The power of the gospel is seen in them.  That is, they proved worthy of the gospel that they preached.  The gospel they preached transformed them into the likeness of Christ.  They who bore witness to Him, came to resemble Him. 

When it comes to life and death matters, could there be any more worthy witnesses for us to believe than the prophets and apostles of ancient Israel?

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ in biblical terms.

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