Psalm 109 – A Psalm of Christ

We know that this is a psalm of Christ because of Peter’s reference to it in Acts 1.  Peter stated that they had to appoint another apostle to take the place of Judas because (to use our words instead of his) verse 8 required it.

This, therefore, like Psalm 69 and others, is a psalm written by David, ostensibly about David, but actually prophetic of Jesus.  In Luke 2, Simeon had prophesied of the infant Jesus to His mother that he would cause “the rise and fall of many in Israel; and be a sign to be opposed.”  Thus Judas fell because of his opposition to Jesus.

In the beginning and ending of the psalm you can most easily see the life of the Lord Jesus reflected.  He looked to His Father for salvation and His Father did not disappoint.  Knowing this, we can walk in those same steps of faith.  Let Jesus guard and protect you as His Father guarded and protected Him.

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ in biblical terms.

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