Psalm 110 – A Psalm of Christ

Psalm 110 is quoted throughout the New Testament, and always in reference to Christ.

David wrote it and began it with the words, “The Lord said to my Lord.”  Jesus knew that the scribes and Pharisees rightly regarded this as a messianic psalm (i.e. a psalm of Christ).  Yet He knew they would stumble over its meaning because to understand it you would have to understand that the Messiah would first suffer, and then, by virtue of His resurrection and ascension, enter into His glory.  (That’s the only way David could call his descendant “Lord” because normally it’s descendants who regard their elders and ancestors with such respect.)  This was an understanding that no one displayed until Jesus explained it to His disciples after His resurrection (even though He seemed to chide them because they hadn’t understood it – see Luke 24 beginning with verse 13).

The book of Hebrews deals with this psalm extensively, especially the Melchizedek portion, referring to this as “mature” teaching about the Christ (as contrasted with elementary teaching about the Christ).  Since the name Melchizedek means King of Righteousness, there is certainly teaching about the kingdom of God in this letter.

There is much, much more we have to learn about the Christ.  All the Scriptures testify about Him, including Hebrews…and the Psalms.  If we do not always see Christ in them perhaps it is because we are dull of hearing.  If that is so, God grant us repentance so that we may learn more of Him!

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ in biblical terms.

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