The Sufferings of Christ and the Glories to Follow

The gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ was written in a mystery by the prophets who penned the Scriptures by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  In 1 Peter 1, the apostle Peter describes the process whereby the prophets did this.  This parallels the passage in Luke 24 where the freshly-resurrected Jesus gently criticizes His disciples for not recognizing that the Messiah had to first suffer and then be glorified.  This theme – suffering and glory – runs through Scripture.

The sufferings have to do with the flesh, and are of an earthly nature.  The glories have to do with spirit, and are of a heavenly nature.  Those who seek earthly glory are constantly missing God.  God is not impressed with earthly glory.  If He had been, He would have sent Jesus to establish a kingdom like that of David or Solomon.  Instead, Jesus came to establish a kingdom of heavenly glory on earth.

The sufferings of Christ were all witnessed by the apostles, who wrote them down for us to contemplate.  The glories that followed were all in the heavenly realm – and these must be taken by faith.  However, since the sufferings were witnessed and reliable, we should have no problem believing the glories.  Those glories include Christ’s coronation in heaven and His return to earth in the kingdom of God.  Thus one of His glories is that He is among us now.  Let us worship Him with every thought!

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