The Last Chapters of Daniel and Revelation

Both the book of Daniel (from the Old Testament) and Revelation (from the New Testament) prophesy of the coming of Messiah in His kingdom (what is often referred to today as Christ’s “Second Coming”).

The last chapter of Daniel says that the words of the book of prophecy are to be sealed because their time would not be until the end of the age.

The last chapter of Revelation says that the words of the prophecy are not to be sealed because their time was near.

The book of Daniel was written some 500 or so years before the book of Revelation was written.  Therefore, what was distant future for Daniel had become near future for John.  Their views thus coincided. 

Therefore, if John, in essence, was saying that the time for Daniel’s prophecy had drawn nigh, how can we say – almost two thousand years after Revelation was written – that the time has not yet come?

The simple answer is that we can’t, or we shouldn’t.

It is much easier to believe the prophets and the apostles.  Jesus came in His glorious kingdom just when Daniel and John said He would.  By our calendars that would be at the end of the New Testament age, which was around the end of the 1st Century A.D.  The kingdom of God is here – and it has been here for a long time.  Let us be done with lesser things (like church) and seek this kingdom with all our hearts!

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