The Temptation of Eve

There is a pattern in the temptation of Eve that is repeated again and again and again – not just in the Bible, but in our lives.  That pattern consists of God speaking and our response.  The part of God’s speaking never varies.  He speaks truthfully and faithfully.  Always.  Our response, however, varies.  We can remember what God says and then act on it.  Or we can forget what we’ve heard and fall into deception.  This is what happened to Eve.  This pattern is particularly important for you as a Bible reader to understand.

Every time you read the Bible you are hearing the word of God just as Adam and Eve heard it.  When you go away from your Bible reading, do you take care to act on what you have read?  I can assure you that the evil one will come to work against what you have heard.  The easiest way for him to work is to simply have you forget what you read.  This happens when we don’t read with “a view to do.”  The next way is similar: your memory is vague and thus when contradictory thoughts arise it is harder for you to resist them.

Eve did not intentionally disobey God.  She was deceived.  Don’t you be deceived.  When you read the Bible, remember and act on what you read.  It is better to read only one verse of the Bible and act on it than to read all the verses of the Bible and not act on any of them.

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