David Led Captivity Captive

In 1 Samuel 30, we read of the Amalekites taking captive from Ziklag the women and children of David and his men.  David was particularly distressed because, in addition to losing his own family, his own men were threatening to stone him for having let this happen.  David inquired of the Lord and, having received encouragement, set about with his men to rescue the captives.  David succeeded in his mission, and brought back everyone single person who had been taken into captivity.  Thus we have in this narrative a type or picture of the deliverance that Jesus brought to those who had been taken captive by death.  (See the earlier post Jesus Led Captivity Captive and also Abram Led Captivity Captive.)

As a footnote, this story also relates how during the process of the mission, David had to leave behind 200 of his 600 hundred men because they were too exhausted from previous battles to go to this one.  When the 400 returned with the spoils and everyone was rejoicing in the victory, some “worthless and wicked” men of the 400 complained that the 200 should not receive a share since they had not fought.  David would have none of it, saying that since it was the Lord who had granted the victory everyone should share in it.  Even so, in our day some will complain the everyone who dies should not get to go to heaven.  Jesus will have none of this talk.  Everyone shares.  As to how big a share each should get in heaven, He will be the judge of that.

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