The Sons of God Were Made For Heaven

Everyone in the ancient world knew that heaven was the residence of deity. For the Jews it was the home of one God. For the Greeks and Romans it was the home of all the gods. Regardless of mindset, therefore, heaven was for deity and earth was for humanity.  The dead dwelt in Sheol (Hades) below; they certainly did not dwell in heaven.

If God intended for us to live in heaven, therefore, He had to have a way to make humanity into the offspring of deity.  Jesus was birthed from the dead that the rest of the dead might have a means of qualifying for adoption by God.  Otherwise, how could we live in His house? 

Consider the physical creation in which we dwell.  Every creature has its designated habitat.  Birds in the air, fish in the sea.  If a caterpillar is to become a butterfly, it’s habitat will change, for a caterpillar is designed for the land while a butterfly is designed for the air.  Therefore, while man is designed for the earth and angels are designed for heaven, God made resurrected man (that is, a human being born out of death – Jesus being the first) for the habitat of heaven – His home. 

Because Jesus is the firstborn of many brethren (Romans 8:29), we are by that fact sons of God and shall dwell in our rightful home with our heavenly Father for all eternity once our time on earth is complete.  “O Death, where is your victory?”  (1 Corinthians 15:55; Hosea 13:14)

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ in biblical terms.

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