We Will Sing for Joy at the Works of Your Hands!

Through Jesus Christ, God burst through the trap that was death.  Jesus went to Sheol (Hades) below where all the human dead resided.  From there He was raised all the way to heaven.  Heaven had been His starting point (John 6:62), so the purpose of His round trip was not for Himself but so that those who had previously been consigned to Sheol could henceforth move their residence to heaven with the living God.  Jesus then shut up Sheol forever so that all those who died going forward went straight to heaven with no waiting period.

Before Jesus, there was no place for the dead to go but Sheol below.  Since Jesus, there’s no place for the dead to go but heaven above.  Blessed be the name of Jesus who has, out of love for sinful humanity, restructured the universe to give us a future and a hope. 

We will sing and rejoice forever for what He has done for us.  Let every tongue give Him praise for He is worthy.  Who could have imagined the greatness of His work on our behalf!

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ in biblical terms.

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