Writing Out the Story of Heaven in Consecutive Order

It is no trouble for me to lay out clearly and sequentially the order God followed in achieving our redemption through Jesus Christ.

First, there was the evil that existed in heaven before this creation.

In response, God created the world that we know in six days, resting on the seventh.

Satan, the source of the preexisting evil, tempted humanity and succeeded in getting them to sin, the penalty for which was death.

At death, each human being gave up his or her body with the remaining spirit being consigned to the world beneath the earth (called Sheol, or Hades) – far from God.

On the third day after the death of Jesus Christ, He was raised from Sheol.  Within a matter of days, He ascended into heaven.

Subsequently, within a generation, all the dead were brought to heaven and the underworld was destroyed.  Satan was thrown out of heaven and cast down to earth.  Thus he no longer stands between God and His people.  Now he is the one far from God.

From that time forward, every person who dies goes to heaven.  (Everyone Is Going to Heaven )

Satan still exercises power on earth but the power of human beings through God is greater.

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ in biblical terms.

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