Sheol Is Hades…But Neither of Them Is Hell

In 1 Corinthians 15:55, the apostle Paul quotes from Hosea 13:14.  Hosea’s verse, speaking in the parallelism of Hebrew poetry, equates Sheol with death.  The Septuagint, being a Greek translation, renders Sheol as Hades in the Hosea passage.  Thus, Hades (Sheol) is the place of death, and the personification of death  (“O Death, where is your sting?”).  Hell is a completely different concept and is not therefore mentioned in this context by either Hosea or Paul.  (For an explanation why, see The Three-Tiered Spiritual Universe).

Some people, not trusting either Hosea or Paul, don’t believe that all the dead go to heaven.  They think some of the dead go to hell.  If Hades equates to Hell as some of those people say, how do they explain its “sting” being removed?

Moreover, if anyone is going to hell when they die, then death has not lost its sting – it has gained a far more powerful one!

Do not fear, however, for the Scripture is true: death has lost its sting.  Everyone Is Going to Heaven .

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