God Turns the Curse to a Blessing

When Joseph’s brothers cast him into a pit and walked away, God did not try to stop them.  Instead, God turned it into a blessing by subsequently making Joseph ruler over Egypt and providing food and shelter for his entire family when famine came.

When Haman prepared gallows on which he would hang Mordecai, God did not prevent him.  Rather, God turned the tables and allowed those gallows to be used to eliminate Haman himself, a mortal enemy of the Jews.

When the leaders of the Jews and the Romans conspired together to crucify the Son of God, God did not stand in their way.  Rather, He used the event to execute a great deliverance for humanity.

God turns a curse into a blessing.

In a world of human freedom, many things occur that are not God’s will.  However, God will use those bad things and make them into good things.  Our faith gives us eyes to see this. 

Therefore, when death was pronounced as the penalty for our sin, it was only a matter of time before God would turn the curse of death into a blessing.  Through Jesus Christ death has become a blessing because it no longer leads us away from Him.  Instead, it leads us to Him in heaven. 

If you still think of death as a curse then you haven’t yet understood what Jesus Christ did to it.  Go back to Jesus Punched a Hole in Heaven! and follow each day’s post between then and now.  Also, be sure you read Everyone Is Going to Heaven 

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ in biblical terms.

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