All Is Vanity…Except…

“All is vanity,” declared the Preacher of Ecclesiastes.  He looked at the world of flesh and declared what any sane person would:  “It’s futile.”  The hope we see so dominant in the book of Isaiah is subdued in the book of Ecclesiastes.  Yet the Preacher does close his tome with the conclusion, “Fear God and keep His commandments.”  Thus he hopes for a solution to the dilemma he has described.

Like Job who said, “I know that my Redeemer lives and at the last He will take his stand on the earth,” while in the depths of his despair, the Preacher knows whom he has believed.  

You, too, know whom you have  believed.  Only you can see Him so much more clearly than could Job or the Preacher, for you have heard of the life of Jesus Christ – crucified and three days later raised from the dead.

Therefore, lay aside the way of life you inherited according to the flesh.  Live in the spirit.  That is, live life in this world in the light of the dimension you cannot see – where God dwells.  That is, live by faith.  Specifically, live by faith in Jesus.  He loved us and released us from our sins by His blood.  In the light of His loving and righteous eyes, there can be meaning in the midst of vanity, purpose in the midst of futility. 

Our purpose is to love at every opportunity, just as He did.  We do not build monuments, we relieve pain – the pain of human suffering.  Therefore, all is vanity, except that which is done out of love for Him.  Nothing you sow to Him is in vain, for in due time you shall reap.  Fear God and keep His commandments.  That is, revere Jesus in your heart every conscious moment and do what He says. 

Stop building things that will eventually crumble.  Instead, be kind to the hurting.  God will remember, and that is your foundation for the future.

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ in terms familiar to those who read the Bible.

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