A Great Light Dawned on the Apostles

We can tell from reading the New Testament that even the apostles did not immediately grasp the full import of Jesus’ resurrection.  In the first chapter of Acts they are asking Him about when the kingdom will be restored to Israel.  As time went on, they would gradually realize that God intended His salvation to benefit Gentiles as much as Jews.

In Acts 6, the Hellenized Jews felt discrimination from the native Jews, indicating the myopia that God would have to heal.  By Acts 10, we see Peter preaching the gospel to Gentiles after significant coaxing from God.  By Acts 15, all the leaders of the geographically spreading church had to come together in Jerusalem to settle differences in expectation from Gentile and Jewish believers.  This controversy did not go away quickly for we see the book of Galatians taken up with it.  Circumcision of the flesh was being replaced with circumcision of the heart – but even Peter had to be nudged by Paul to give up the old. 

Just as God lets the sun dawn on us (lest we be blinded by the immediate full light of a noon-day sun), so He lets great truth come to us progressively.  Much of this revelation came through the apostle Paul who was not even one of the original twelve.  God had to work hard to convey the fullness of His truth.  Paul wrote in Ephesians that God was moving to an era wherein there would be no distinction at all between Jew and Greek.  At the time Jesus returned in His kingdom*, any final distinctions were thus wiped out.  The Son of God assumed full control of the universe and every human being from that point on became a child of God. 

What was a faint glimmer on the horizon in Acts 1 became a brilliantly shining sun by Revelation 22.  See especially Revelation 1:16c – and relate it to Malachi 4:2.  The last book of each testament bears witness to the great Light of the world, Jesus Christ.  See Psalm 27:1; Isaiah 9:1-2; 60:1-3; John 8:12; Ephesians 5:14 – and let Him shine on everyone in your world!  It is no longer sunrise, for we know now that He is the Lord God Almighty Himself!  We live in the noon-day sun of His glorious countenance.

*See Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again or The Kingdom of God Is Here and Now in this Introduction.

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