The Stone Which the Builders Rejected

As the Pharisees and Sadducees rejected Jesus the King in the flesh, so today’s church leaders reject Jesus the King in the spirit.  The builders always reject God, preferring their own structures to obeying God’s commands (see The Tower of Babel for an elaboration on this point).

The point in this post, however, is the rejection itself that Jesus faced, and continues to face, in the world.  What kind of king is this who refuses to stop loving those who reject Him?

Read the gospel accounts of His trial and crucifixion and consider the mountain of scorn that was heaped upon Him.  Earthly kings are crowned in pomp and ceremony; Jesus was spat upon.  Yet this was all according to the plan of God which was based on His love.  He would demonstrate to us beyond all reasonable doubt the indestructible nature of His love for humanity.

Psalm 2 tells of how earthly leaders are forever wanting to throw off God’s restraints.  It also shows how foolish these leaders are in this regard.  They only bring wrath on themselves.  Though God loves us, He still must judge the world and so there are consequences for all our sins and rebellion against Him (even though Everyone Is Going to Heaven).

If, however, you come to this rejected One, and stand with Him, you will be exalted with Him to the degree you suffer with Him.  How much rejection can you take before you stop loving?  If you are His, if you are seeking His kingdom, there is no amount of rejection that will stop you from loving – for He is the vine and we are but the branches.

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ in terms familiar to those who read the Bible.

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