What Have You Done with the Keys to the Kingdom?

Remember how Jesus chastised the spiritual leadership of His day with the indictment that they had withheld the key of knowledge from the people?  (See Luke 11:52.)  What about us who claim to speak in His name today – what are we doing with the keys to the kingdom?

Jesus left us the keys of the kingdom through His apostles.  The most prominent of the original twelve, Peter, gave a complete set of them in the opening of his second epistle.  You know the list – what are we doing with those keys?

Are we using these keys ourselves, and thereby leading others into the kingdom through our example?  Or do we completely divert our own attention (and that of others as well) by focusing on building church instead of entering the kingdom?

Church is about attendance and offerings – the kingdom of God is about righteousness.  Let us seek His keys and enter His kingdom.  In other words, let’s stop constructing things and instead enter what He has constructed!

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ in terms familiar to those who read the Bible.

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