James 1:21

When we hear about Jesus, and hold fast what we’ve heard, He takes root in our hearts.  As we become rooted and grounded in Him, our souls are saved.  Thus He is the word implanted which saves our souls.

To retain this blessing, however, we must act according to His ways.  That is, we must be doers of the word lest we deceive ourselves.  Is it when we persevere in holding to Him that we bear fruit (see Luke 8 – the parable of the sower).

Jesus is the fullness of the word of God. He is the embodiment, the acting out of all that God has instructed for humanity.  Like the Shepard of Psalm 23, He Himself restores our souls, if we maintain always our faith in Him (Hebrews 10:39; 1 Peter 1:9).     

He is that smallest of seeds that becomes the greatest of kingdoms (Mark 4:30-32)…if we do not uproot Him (James 1:21-22).

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ in terms familiar to those who read the Bible.  For those unfamiliar with the Bible, look to the blog: A Nonchurchgoer’s Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom.

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