Messiah Reigning From Heaven Changed Everything – Part 1

The Jews had long looked forward to the coming of their Messiah King.  Once they found Him, the big surprise was that He would reign not from the earthly Jerusalem that they had known, but from heaven – a new, heavenly Jerusalem.  Because their king was spiritual (heavenly) and not fleshly (or earthly or physical), then so also…

…the kingdom was spiritual (so they should quit playing politics)

…the glory was spiritual (so they should seek God’s approval and not men’s)

…the power was spiritual (so they should seek strong hearts and not strong fists)

…the wealth and treasures of the kingdom were spiritual (so they should not trust money)

…the weapons of their warfare were spiritual (so they would conquer the nations by love and not brute force)

…the leadership and direction Messiah would give His people would be spiritual (so they should not expect a deliverance through Him along traditional and conventional lines)

That Messiah would reign from heaven changed almost everything about the way they had perceived life would be under Messiah.  And it was all for the better.

The purpose of this blog is to praise Jesus Christ in terms familiar to those who read the Bible, and to help others become more familiar with the Bible.  For those unfamiliar with the Bible, look to the blog A Nonchurchgoer’s Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom .

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