The Church Age Is Over; We Live in the Kingdom Age

The church age is the time covered by the New Testament.  More specifically, it is the time from Jesus’ resurrection and ascension into heaven until the time He came again in glory (Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again).  Since that time, the kingdom of God has reigned.  Thus, we live in the age of the kingdom of God, and, since it is an eternal kingdom (Isaiah 9:6-7), we always will.

The Bible also refers to this time as “the day of the Lord,” “the day of Christ,” “the day of our Lord Jesus Christ,” “the day of Christ Jesus,” and sometimes just as “that day.”

For this reason, we should be:

Seeking the Kingdom of God Instead of Church and Practicing the Presence of Christ.

The purpose of this blog is to proclaim Jesus Christ in terms familiar to those who read the Bible, and to help others become more familiar with the Bible. For those unfamiliar with the Bible, see the blog A Nonchurchgoer’s Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom.

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  1. It is surely true,that we have left the church age era,& now we are at the kingdom age church named; The Elect Church Of Sonship. This is the age were Christ is gathering His Elects,in His church to santify & perfect each man before rapture,here on earth. ln this church,each man hears God,including me.

    1. the greatest thing to happen in my life is having knowledge about the age which am into–kingdom age—whereby am a total evidence of what some of you are doubting.KAp is a age of the truth of christ in me not just a quotation but a kingdom life.

    2. the greatst thing to happen in my life is having the knowledge of the age am into—-KAp—whereby i become the true evidence of God on earth not by the knowledge or quotation but a practical life.many may doubt about but he who sees can tell the story as it was.the true manifest of christ is not hanging as behind spirituality,but it as come downstairs to be touchable.if you dont belv sent a hardcover note on my wall,i wil write on it full for your conviction,that is in me the kingdom age.

    3. Sir how do u explain ur post, seeing that the church age is to end with the rapture of the church, if the church age has end it means that the church has being rapture and u and I did not make it or jesus that says that the gospel will go round the earth before the end come was lying.

    4. Am somehow involved in this program but I am used to ************ and it affected in my ***** growth and in every thing I do. Please help me I can’t help myself. I don’t want to go to hell, please help me so that might manifest the ordination of God in my life

    5. I love this. Christ is building the the elect church of sonship where we live no longer live according to the flesh, where flesh has no more power over us . We will live in the kingdom age, where the inward man will built to the standards and qualities of the kingdom, where each one of us will manifest God in his own area of calling, where we are moved by the direction, instructions, and command of our teacher, the Holy Spirit, where the his spoken word shall be ones word substance to our to our power and authority to overcome every every darkness, and to live in holiness, righteousness and perfection. God I want to live my purpose of creation on earth. Love you so much Dear Father.

    1. Everybody is not going to Heaven. If you haven’t except Jesus Christ as you saviour you cannot go into heaven. The blood that was shed on the cross was done to keep evil out of heaven and we need to be washed cleaned by His blood. He help’s us to be free from sin .

    1. Lynn you are correct. Jesus Himself said, Except you believe that I am He (the Messiah) you shall die in your sins. And many many more of like kind. Don’t ever let anyone tell you everyone is going to Heaven. That is a lie straight ftom the pits of hell.

      1. Cindy,

        Jesus said, “you will die in your sins” but He did not say, “you will spend eternity in hell.” You are reading the Scriptures through the glasses of traditional theology. Take them off and let the Scriptures speak for themselves.

        1. Cindy Jesus said over and over again.. No man shall enter the kingdom of heaven to the Father except through me. Theology is not going to save your soul from hell.. Only through the blood of Jesus Christ, if you do not accept him as your Savior who was crucified and died for our sons.. You cannot go to heaven.. Unless you are a child who has not reached the age of accountability. Please do not get lost in what or how theologists twist the truth.. There is only one truth to that!

        2. remember what Jesus is saying ,is talking about the spiritual death of the spirit man that will inherit the kingdom of God .not the physical death cuz flesh has nothing to do with God’s kingdom or he’ll is dat ur spirit man once u die in sin ur spirit man is going to hell .pls sir don’t be confused by the world ideology cuz is of the world which is the woman of sin the Devil .

        3. Read in Revelation 20:11-15. If you are not found written in the book of life, you will not enter heaven. The only way to be in the book of life is to accept Jesus forgiveness, and trust him as your saviour. Thats Bible my friend. Call traditional, new age, old age, but it says what it says. And your beliefs are your own and not Gods. Open your eyes Esay.

          1. The lake of fire is on this earth in this life. Those who are thrown into it perish. Once they perish, they are dead. And once they are dead, they are raised.

            1 Corinthians 15:22 For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive.

            We should interpret visionary passages in the light of plain-spoken passages – not the other way around (Jeremiah 23:28).

            1. You quote 1 Cor 15:22 like the serpent in the garden when he says “you shall not surely die” but we know that was a twist on the Truth. Separation from God is spiritual death. And as in Adam sin and death entered in the world, only those “in Christ” – who paid the price for our sin (Rom 6:23, 5:8, 10:9-13)- can live in heaven. John 10:10.

      1. Lynn listen, kingdom age is an age of perfection, where God have come to perfect man so that man can live without sin for d bible says be ye perfect even assets our father in heaven is perfect, u start by giving ur life to Christ, for more, call 08068502115, if u dont give ur life to Christ, u shall not see d kingdom of God

        1. yes d end has come and if any man don,t hv Jesus Christ he can not see the kgdom of God. this is the edge of truth




    2. what are u saying brother .we are already in kingdom age. u need to be prepared and have the knowledge of where u going that is what kingdom age is all about .bro y do u still battling in sin .that y God brought the program to equip ,recreate the new man in u and to be thought in knowledge of God in a man

  3. Samuel,

    Jesus talked about the great tribulation in Matthew 24, where He also said that it and everything else associated with His coming would take place before that generation passed away (see Matthew 24:9, 21, 29, 34). Who else are we supposed to believe about these things if not Jesus?

  4. We are in the Kingdom Age. Kingdom will rise against kingdom. God’s kingdom is us – his children. His angels. His warriors. We people will rise against the enemy, Satan. Our Kingdom will rise against the enemy’s. This is not speaking of physical kingdoms, but spiritual kingdoms. God is about to use his children and take them on tours of Heaven. We still have generations left until Jesus comes back. We are living in the best age yet. God is about to use us to perform many miracles and the people on earth will know us for our love for each other. Satan will be defeated and angry when he sees this. Let’s make him angry! Manifest in Jesus! God will turn nonbelievers around and we will win them. Be ready, it is the year. He will use us WITHOUT our permission. Everybody, get excited! He gave us life during this age on purpose! He wants to use us for this age!

    1. GOD gives us free will, GOD will not use us without accepting “let you will be done, not mine will” M.Christ – “He will use us WITHOUT our permission” not true.

    2. Yessss!👑📣💫🙏
      What an exciting time we are living in.
      I want to speak to everyone about this subject matter what age are we in?
      I’ve been in church all my life, at the age of 25 an attack a demonic attack through a family member, out of nowhere on my life and I asked the Lord why did he preserve my life and then I heard the ruach ha kodesh the Holy Spirit speak to me go into all the world the Harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few go into all the world and preach the gospel the good news baptizing in the name of the father Son and Holy Ghost for the remission of sin I was 25 years old.
      Brothers and sisters in 2010 the power of The Most High God/Yah, overshadowed me after he purged me from years of erroneous false Followship in church. Church Traditions of Men, God began to send me back through to churches seemingly to pronounce judgment through His Word, I also believe that judgement has begun at the house of God, we are there; on pastoral leaderships. Everywhere I went and thereafter some type of exposure then God would remove them I mean entire pastoral leaderships even some were takin out of the Earth. And 2012 March as a matter fact March 3rd I heard the ruach ha kodesh the Holy Spirit speak to me, go get the Ten Commandments, and then on March 15th I hear the ruach ha kodesh the Holy Spirit speaks to me put on your Priestly garment and don’t go back we are in a new dispensation you’re in a new dispensation. And May of that same year I hear the ruach ha kodesh the Holy Spirit speak to me about a church that I had went to after the church I had grew up in co-pastored and I asked him what is going on there and I hear the ruach ha kodesh speak to me don’t stake in I sent you there as a Watchman. I believe the church should have been gone; however, it is not ready and it’s time for refinement I believe we could go through part of the tribulation to complete this refinement, the Refiner’s Fire as Zachariah chapter 13 talks about which is one of the scriptures that the Lord spoken to my spirit on January 17th 2010. Don’t forget there’s a false Lady , False Church that shall rise up and ride the beast in the Book of Revelation chapter 17 and verse 6: and I saw the woman drunk and with the blood of the Saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus:…., don’t forget about that. Well these are some of the things that I have experienced here recently. May each of you my brothers and sisters in Christ seek the Lord individually that you might be found worthy when he appear in his glory to appear with him.

  5. Yes! flesh and blood can’t revealed this except the true spirit of God, right now as we speak, we are in the kingdom age, church age a program of God folding off and the kingdom age which is the current program of God for now is unfolding, this is the age where those who serve God will serve Him in Truth and in Spirit, the church age is liken to ‘ a child ‘ but this time the child is fully matured to ‘adult’ or ‘Son’ you can also call this age as the age of “sonship manifestation” that is the earnest expectations of the children “church” of God, this is the age where the work of God through Christ “the word of God, or the Gospel” will fully be made manifest in the life of the “elects” note: for the elect sake had shorten this program, this is when God through the Gospel is clothing the naked-man unto God, the age where man return in Christ to aims of his creation and to live in line with God’s standards which is to be RIGTHEOUS, HOLY and PURE which are the attributes of God, the age where is dead to sin in the flesh but alive unto righteousness and obedience to the word of God. No man in sin shall enter into the kingdom of God, for at the entrance to the kingdom, purity is met as no unclean things will enter into it. The word of God say ” if you believe, you shall be saved” and ” to them that believe He gave them power to become the Sons of God” and that ” they that believeth not has already been judge and condemned” confess Christ and be elected into the family of God, you are welcome to kingdom ministry where every one works out his salvation with fear and trembling.

    1. I totally believe we are being perfected and transformed into his likeness,but I don’t see Gods people living a life of obedience in these days, in fact there is so much corruption in the so called church today and it continues to get worse. People that call themselves followers of Christ are so wrapped up into the things of the world, they’re so far away from Christ being deceived just like the scriptures said would happen. Seek God with all your being he will reveal the truth.

      1. my dear, you are very right….because Christians are now immuned to truth and what they like best is worldliness…Jesus during his physical existence was a very simple man and never talks or puffs up, or even shows off, but we now… try to show off what we eat, wear, our cars and achievement… so many ceremonies with no testimonies of Haven overcome a sin…and am afraid of where these worldliness would lead many

  6. 1. Dose it means that no man is righteous, Holy, and pure? 2. Are you saying that no man can serve God in Truth and in spirit?

  7. kingdom Age has come to stay … it is the age if perfection if the saints … the very elects of God.. u can’t change it U better follow or be left behind in or doubt if what God is doing in earth

  8. kingdom simply means an atmosphere influenced by a king…..GOD IS INFLUENCING MY LIFE….I AM THE KINGDOM…….. CHURCH IS SIMPLY THE BODY OF CHRIST…..SO THIS UNA THEORY I NO UNDERSTAND

    1. The Kingdom of God is not an atmosphere. It is a seed deposoited in us by the Word of God. Read the parable of the Sower from the Gospel of John. The enemy knows this. The Kingdom of God is the dwelling place of the inner man born again in Christ. This forms his spiritual existence.

  9. Kingdom age is the best of all ages. I am so happy that i am in kingdom ministry, ministry of God on earth. Although, am i gospel class. I have seen change in me, i was once a ********** but now i can’t do dat any more.

  10. church age is realy over, we are in kingdom age were God is working with men personaly, were men hear and serve God spiritualy not longer in flesh but in spirit and truth. kingdom age is an age of perfection were men(elect bornagain in the holyghost) are to be like there father, it is not just a quotation am a victim that a *********like me can be like my heavenly father. am realy proud and happy to be in this age

  11. kingdom age d greatest age which d prophets n apostles suffered n paid prices to see but it wasn’t given unto them oh praise God am in dis age men will see Jesus on earth. if u are waiting for d kingdom of God good news d kingdom is here n I am partaker it is practical not in quotation. God is making me a Man God on earth praise God for this new thing he has started

  12. kingdom Age is spiritual, which is God in a man and man in God through knowledge… but there is a physical kingdom Age that will come which is the 1000 mill in an reign of Christ

  13. Wow! This is indeed true brethren. We are in a different dispensation of time all together, which is KINGDOM AGE, the age of the building of God in men onwards their sonship manifestation.
    Myself is in one of the newman class series, and the truth of life of christ in me is begining to unveil. Brethren i am most previledge and happy to be a partaker of kingdom age program. PRAISE GOD!!!

  14. all of u shouting kingdom age, am sorry to say but u guys are a disapiontment to God sonship, even b4 d fouder of dis program brought it out it has been in existent for long in d catholic church,, u guys call it kingdom age but catholics call it ”Life in the spirit” dont be deceive,it has been in existent…how can u call ur self a christain ans u dnt seek d things in his kingdo, dat mins u were nt a born again,, listen grace brings salvation, but truth brings enternal life…xo all dis kingdom age program is just a way someone want to gather audience….i mean no harm….d spirit of God in me ask me to relay dis message…peace b with you all

    1. i was once a confirmed catholic but a holy sinner.
      i receive communion but a chronic liar, filled with lust and so on.
      which spirit of God told u tht?
      kingdom age is a revelation of God’s love in my life.
      i can at least call myself a Christian Now.

      1. Bcoz dats d life u choose then….I hope u’ve sincerely repented not hiding under d canopy of a ministry… Bcoz i know catholic who are faithful believers.
        NB: poverty or wealth
        is not a guarantee to heaven, holiness is

    2. You will certainly die n perish in your sins. And when you are done worshipping MARIA, prepare to inherit the MARIne kingdom where she came from. As for the kingdom of God where Jesus is the king, you have no part in it

  15. There are many true believers to be found in the Roman Catholic Church. They are candles for the Lord. However, the RCC itself – that is, the organization – is a candle snuffer…as is every other humanly-organized church, no matter how large or small it might be.

    Acknowledge the living Lord at all times and in all places and you will be a candle for Him. Those who do not know Him will see the reflection of His glory on your face. They may join you or reject you – that is their choice. But as for you, be faithful to the Lord who purchased you with His own blood.

    Allow no mediator between you and your Lord. He alone is the Pastor of His church in this the eternal age.

  16. Yes! We are in Kingdom age. I am a witness to this age of the Kingdom where God speaks to my hearing, teaches me in the revelations of the Spirit. It’s a wonderful age, practical spiritual life on earth.

  17. No,there is coming the kingdom age of Christ rule from Israel.. by that time Satan would be bound nd Christ will rule the earth from Jerusalem (david city). pls brethren let us not lack knowledge here..I agree with you that we are in kingdom age now but it is a spiritual age of the knowledge of Christ in the Holy Ghost..that’s on when you are born again to be clothed in wisdom nd knowledge of Jesus.. thank you.

    1. is founded on the word of God in its substance form, not as a letter.. kingdom age ministry is for the Elects of God so if u do not belong u will not be found… is the age of war …..u must fight to dethrone every root of sin in you, so as to survive….. is not milk and honey is a plane truth..u see y is not for every man. if u can not put Grace as a programme aside and rebuke sin coming ur way. then u cant stand….. is the truth of Grace.

  18. Am A Living Testmony Of The Kingdom Age,i Adivce U Dat Did Nt Belive This Age,this Age Hav Come 2 Move Me&u Out From Through The Teachings Of The Spirit

  19. Mr Mike Gantt,pls can i have your contact so we can chat a private chating,to help me better,i have gmail,whatapps thanks

    1. Wise,

      I conduct all my ministry in public. If you have questions, you can ask them anywhere on my blogs – and anyone will be able to see your questions and my answers. If your questions are of a personal nature and you do not wish to ask them in public, then you can ask them anonymously (that is, don’t enter your name with the comment). Otherwise, you should should direct them to the Lord (which is, ultimately, what I’m after anyway.)

  20. I am very happy to be sorted out .I have overcame denominational spirit. Am now in sactificational class praise God

  21. kingdom age is an age of perfection. Is a spl of human in knowledge of GOD in His word;in His sonship & in a man. As an age of perfection it is d building age of GOD in a man. the material subtance of the K.A is the word in revelation of d spirit. K.A is d restoration of man back to d basis of creation. Man was created as a house,dwelling place,mouth piece. The spirituality of the K.A is in the speaking & hearing of the word of GOD. Is in the & education of the word. For a man to understand he must be born again.

  22. I am a testimony of this TRUTH. The Law was given by moses (Law Age) .while Grace and TRUTH came through Jesus. GRACE (Church age) ..Truth (kingdom age) … He was a lamb in the grace age(church age) but now He’s operating in His Lion Form in this Truth age (Kingdom age). Out of the multitude He called out of the world, He’s Sorting out His elects. Remember paul. He was operating in law age ,killing the Christian, thinking they were blasphemers until He met Christ. And the spirit of the church age was giving to Him..The kingdom age is the MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD. Rom 8:19-21.

  23. 2 me t o c this age has transformed me into good.which means i must follow juses christ and know him front and back and the thing that resurated him from death

  24. Kingdom age program is the age of the Gospel truth, the age that God is restoring His truth in a man. It is the prophetic fufilment as it quot in the book of Joel 2:28…down says and afterward i will pour out my spirit to all people…. My advice to the Elects is to embrace K A P b/cs this is the age restoration and santification of man b4 the coming of our Lord Jesus. Even though i am an evangelist in but God has reveal to the truth of the kingdom age program. By evangelist Fidelis Okoro.

  25. Hmmmmmm! Amazingly! Peter really did warn us of times like this, where people will rise up and quote scripture perfectly. As good as kingdom age p is, many things taught Re not in the scripture. Seems this age is above the scripture cos many deep ftins are taught that are really not scriptural, spiritual classes, taught by men in spiritual class, spiritual college in the realm of the spirit. Discerning is actually not knowing bad from evil but good from close to good. Many have not completed the class but they say emphatically they are sure. Anyway, eighter u believe in church age or Kingdom age both will die and resurrect. To heaven?



  28. Lawrence.. I can’t just debate with.becos the Bible writes’the will hear but will not understand. neither perceive. so if u are not an elect u will not understand. KINGDM PROG is not to be quoted n will never be.for those that disbelieve wait’and pray the day u will see me in my little height u know that this is real, at the u will address me as Sir as many do even when the bare my father’s age group. Proudly Precolledge student.

  29. The soul and the spirit is one difference between the church and the kingdom. The church is soul-led and the kingdom is spirit-led. The church is very much concerned with the natural man (prosperity, health, etc.). The kingdom man is concerned only with the spiritual aspects of life (Gal. 6:8).

    The church is a man made form of government. The kingdom age is a God centered form of government. The church age is a republican form of government as according to Acts. But the kingdom is a theocracy.

    The church has the gifts of the Spirit. But the kingdom has the life or the fruits of the Spirit which are the very eternal nature of God.

    Identify with the Kingdom Age Ministry in Enugu call 0809 216 7714

  30. What is happening in my life is graet b/cus of kgdom ministry I thank God for my life and I pray that I never mis the kgdom of God.

  31. Dear Friends in Christ,
    I wrote extensively about the coming of the Kingdom Age in my book THE BLUELITE MESSAGE, published worldwide in September 2012! Few have received the message, but, like a groundswell of water, the message is traveling across the world. Through the demonstration of love, heartfelt and committed, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit can now dance in our lives and bring the world to the new religion of “spirit and truth.” My works are indeed prophetic and include PRESIDENT 2016: THE AQUARIAN LEADER which predicted Donald Trump and the breathtaking changes in our world now occurring, This book was published in 2013!
    I invite you to experience THE BLUELITE MESSAGE and to enjoy my videos on YouTube. I promise they will change your life.
    Your brother in Christ,

      1. Dear Mike,
        I’m glad I got your attention! Thank you, brother! I love the Bible. Our Lord Jesus Christ paid the price for the sins of all humanity. However, we have a responsibility as His believers to take up our cross and to seek Him with all our strength each day and every day. The Father Almighty will dazzle us in the coming days. Always and perfectly fulfilling the word of God as stated in the Bible… I so love Daniel 9, Ezekiel 4:44, so many other passages, but — take note — Our Father will ALSO use His Divine Prerogative (as every King can!) to enact changes that will surprise us, as well. Wait and see! I invite you to watch my YouTube series: 3 STEPS TO CHRIST: THE JEWISH MESSIAH. Faithfully, MICHAEL AN’GILEO

  32. Michael,

    I’ve now spent over an hour and a half watching your videos, browsing your website, and thumbing through the sample of your book on Amazon.

    While you say positive things about Jesus and the Bible, you seem to conflate biblical Christianity with new age concepts (e.g. “the ages of Age of Aries, Pisces, Aquarius,” “Atlantis,” “The Bluelite Message,” etc.). Your “three steps to Christ” are, at best, a meandering path – not a direct route.

    You seem unaware that the Second Coming has already occurred and, by the grace of Jesus Christ, everyone goes to heaven. You also seem unaware that all Bible prophecy is fulfilled in Jesus Christ. See here for elaboration on these and other important issues.

    Most importantly, you seem to encourage people to follow you and your teaching. By contrast, I encourage people to follow Jesus and the Bible.

  33. Pls I don’t understand clearly the difference between the church age and the kingdom age. What does the church age stands for and the kingdom age.

  34. The church age is roughly the time covered in the book of Acts and during which the Gospels and the Epistles were written. It is the age during which God was building the church in preparation for the coming of the kingdom. In other words, it was the New Testament age.

    The kingdom age is the eternal age that commenced with the coming of the kingdom of God (also called the Second Coming of Jesus Christ). The kingdom age began in the late 1st century, not long after all the New Testament documents had been written. It is an age that will never end.

  35. Understanding of kingdom program is not by typing on internet. All of you typing on this page about kgd age should stop it now, you are failing the principle & have you not been taught properly that it is not our pattern of the gospel, but the pattern of the Grace Gospel. You are wasting your substance; have you forgotten that the kgd is a hidden treasure which a man buys with his all & hid it, Matt. 13:44. There may thieves & spies in the internet, kingdom program is a new wine stop wasting it

  36. that right,you are waste’n your substance and is not our priciple and pattern,though you are preach’n the word of GOD,but the bible says matt 24:14 live them,the gospel will reach them,and if they are elect they will follow even as we follow but if not they are not usefull to GOD nither devil;breathren;this is not our system of preach’n gospel, gospel is one on one so as for

    you to be visit’n that right,you are waste’n your substance and is not our priciple and pattern,though you are preach’n the word of GOD,but the bible says matt 24:14 live them,the gospel will reach them,and if they are elect they will even as we follow but if not they are not usefull to GOD nither devil;breathren;this is not our system of preach’n gospel,our gospel is one on one so as for you to be visit’n him.

  37. Oh lord Jesus , use me as ur instrument of ur word to ur ppl out there, let me b a partaker of kingdom age, I pray in Jesus name…. ……

  38. This is elect church of son-ship who move not after the flesh in the old conversation of parentage but move and control by the spirit of Christ, which is the new man in me. This age become the age prophesies by Joel whereby God will speak directly to His elect, the time of truth of Christ to be interpreted in me.

  39. Kingdom age Gospel is food for the children (elects) only… It is not worthy to be thrown to dogs. That’s y nobody preaches it on net, radio, TV or any form of mass media. It is a hidden treasure, any man that finds it goes home to sell everything he has to purchase it. So have failed the principle!

  40. Kingdom age Gospel is food for the children (elects) only… It is not worthy to be thrown to dogs. That’s y nobody preaches it on net, radio, TV or any form of mass media. It is a principle!!! KAP is a hidden treasure, any man that finds it goes home to sell everything he has to purchase it. So have failed the principle!

  41. we are still in the church age .from AD 33 ,the First Advent of Christ as Lamb(Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension) down to Pentecost (Holy Spirit given) 2000 yrs + up to now is Church Age…the end of the Church age when rapture occur(Translation of living NT saint,Resurrection of dead NT saint Bema seat Judgment of believer’s work Marriage Supper of Church in heaven as Bride of Lamb during Tribulation…

    the post of Anonymous
    in JUNE 27, 2017 AT 4:05 PM is Correct
    the church age is to end with the rapture of the church, if the church age has end it means that the church has being rapture .

    I advice you sir to enroll at CROSSING CULTURE INTERNATIONAL so that you will know the Central eschatological event …BTCP Bible Doctrine Survey /Course 276-303.

  42. from AD 33 ,the First Advent of Christ as Lamb(SAVIOR)(Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension) down to 2000 yrs + up to now, then Rapture of Church We don’t know when to happen.. up to 1000 yrs mill reign up to eternity that is the “DAY OF THE LORD”.

    we are still in the church age .from Pentecost (Holy Spirit given) 2000 yrs + up to now is Church Age…the end of the Church age when rapture occur then tribulation follow for 7 years(God’s Wrath) then the Millennium reign of Christ “the second advent of Christ as a KING” call the KINGDOM LIVING .peace on earth, Israel in land, Messiah’s reign(Abrahamic & Davidic Covenants fulfilled(Note in Kingdom Living (No unsaved enter)

    “THE KINGDOM LIVE IS HERE but not yet..”

    the post of Anonymous in JUNE 27, 2017 AT 4:05 PM is Correct

    the church age is to end with the rapture of the church, if the church age has end it means that the church has being rapture .

    I advice you sir to enroll at CROSSING CULTURE INTERNATIONAL so that you will know the Central eschatological event …BTCP Bible Doctrine Survey /Course 276-303……

  43. Kingdom age program of the gospel is only for the elects..It is in the scriptures but encoded in the Holy must be humble to ask the God that created the universe for revelations

  44. Jesus is the head of the church…,people should get that right…and we are the members of the church… rather you say denomination program… or grace as program has finish..program as move from…law program to grace program and now…the earnest expectations is the waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God…truth age.

  45. I am very happy to be in kingdom age, it is the best program on planet earth, this program is talking abt truth.
    It helps me to grow spiritualy with God, now i am in Gospel class C.
    That program is designed only for the “elect spirit man born again ” if u are not born again u can not understand this program. With this program if you just give urself you would grow in spirituality bcuz God is spiritual not flesh. Also kingdom Ministry helps me to know abt God and who am i. Through this program i believ that i would overcome sin, flesh and worldliness in my life, and be like Christ.

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