When Christ Was King of Israel and When He Became King of All Nations

In New Testament days, Jesus Christ was king of Israel.  In what the New Testament spoke of as “the age to come,” He would be the king of all nations.

Since we live in that “age to come” – which is also called “the day of the Lord,” “the day of Christ,” and similar terms – we know that Jesus Christ is now, and has been since the close of the biblical age, the king of all nations.

Therefore, we are no longer to live as in the Feast of Booths (the commemoration of temporary quarters), but are to enter the promised land (that is, the earth as ruled by God’s Messiah).

The New Testament age therefore was something of an interregnum between the rule of God since creation and the rule of God through the restoration of all things (new creation) spoken of by Peter in Acts 3:21.

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