This Is Not the Day of Church; It is the Day of the Lord

The day of the church was New Testament times.  We can read there the glory of that church that bore glorious witness to her Lord.  The light of that witness shines so bright that it is still enlightening us today – and will be lighting creation for all eternity.  Their witness shall never be silenced.

But they did not live in the day of the Lord.  Read their letters: they looked forward to the day of the Lord and saw themselves as on the eve of it.  That day came as that generation was passing away.  And since it is an eternal day, it burns as brightly for us.

The members of the New Testament church would be the first to tell you; relinquish your grasp of the church that you might fully grasp the Lord.  For this is His day!

Scripture quotations taken from the NASB, unless otherwise noted. 

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