Jesus in Haggai 1:12

Haggai 1:12 …And the people showed reverence for the LORD.

These words were fulfilled in Acts through Revelation.  That is, God raised Jesus from the dead and the people of God – the true people of God – showed Him reverence.  That includes Peter and James and John and Mary and Paul and Apollos and many, many others.

The saints of the New Testament showed reverence for the Lord.  And because they did, we have the New Testament, and through it the knowledge of God’s all-encompassing work through Jesus Christ.

Let us walk in the footsteps of the New Testament church by showing reverence for the Lord in our generation!  (A common biblical exhortation to show reverence for the Lord is the expression “Fear the Lord!”)

Scripture quotations taken from the NASB, unless otherwise noted. 

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