Why do people who accept Jesus Christ descend to lesser themes in the Bible?

Jesus Christ is the main point of the Bible.  This wasn’t made clear to the Jews, of course, until He came.  Yet once He did come, and demonstrate that everything about the Scriptures was intended to bear ultimate witness to Him, why do those who follow Him seek to use the Bible for other purposes?

For example, why study the history of the Old Testament if it doesn’t enrich your understanding of Christ?  Why try rummage through the Law of Moses to look for laws to obey if you can’t understand them according to Christ’s interpretation of them?  Why study biblical prophesy if you’re not going to relate it directly to the One to whom all prophecy points?

The Bible is about Jesus Christ.  Period.  Let us never study it except in the light of Him.

Scripture quotations taken from the NASB, unless otherwise noted.

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