The False Doctrine of Hell and the True Doctrine That Everyone Goes to Heaven

If you set aside two thousand years of church history and go back to the Scriptures on which that two-thousand-year-old church bases its authority – that is, the Old and New Testaments – you will see that everyone is going to heaven.

The way to see this is to start with the Old Testament. It is clear that the Old Testament teaching was that everyone who died descended to Sheol (Hades). Everyone. There was a hope of resurrection, but nothing more. Then the New Testament, in the story of Christ, explained how resurrection was going to work. The big surprise – even for believing Jews – was that resurrection led to heaven. They had been assuming that it led back to earth. Jesus shocked them with this revelation.

Once it was clear that resurrection led to heaven, the only thing left to ask was “Who would be raised?” The New Testament answer was clear: the dead.

Since everyone died and the dead would be raised and resurrection led to heaven, then it’s clear that everyone goes to heaven. Of course, there’s much more biblical corroboration of this but I’ve laid out the essential logic.

What people call hell (Jesus called it Gehenna) is the judgment for sin that consumes the earth. It is thus on this earth and in this life. It is not something that happens elsewhere after this life.  Hell is a real thing and it is an awful thing, but it is something the Lord gives us the means to escape.  And right relationship with Him is the means of escape.

The heaven-or-hell afterlife scenario under which the post-NT church has erroneously labored for almost two thousand years is a theological perversion of Scriptural truth. And the longer that error holds sway, the more frightened people are to challenge it. The way to challenge it is not with intellect or emotion, but with the Scriptures.

To God be the glory!

Scripture quotations taken from the NASB, unless otherwise noted. 

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  1. Hi Mike

    You write; Jesus did not speak in the way that most folks spoke; Jesus did not come to give you wonderful circumstances.  He came to give you peace and joy in every circumstance. 

    While reading these things, I could not help but think back about each of my own kids during their first year. I remember sitting in the front room, or kitchen and hearing them do that ‘baby talk’ stuff. I would go into their room and their eyes were glistening, rosy cheeks and smiles just glibbering in their ‘own’ utterance (no one else around)

    One could not understand what they were saying; but some words had accentuation, others had louder volume, some had facial expression that accompanied them; just as if ‘they’ knew exactly what they were talking about though others couldn’t understand. There seldom seemed to be those first words we had taught them ( da-da, ma-ma, bottle etc.) mixed in.

    It pours out all over me that this is what ‘out of the mouths of babes and suckling thou has perfected ‘praise’ stands on. For so many it seems that the words of Yahshua, are easily heard, but not easily comprehended.

    Nice post Mike;
    Have a great day

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