Explanation of Bible Study Outlines (BSO)

A post labeled “BSO” is a Bible study outline.  That is, I’m not writing out a post.  Rather, I’m giving you an outline which will enable you to do your own study.

Actually, I’m giving you the raw material from which I would write post, the ingredients from which I would make bread.

If I were to write the post, it would only take you only 2-3 minutes to read it.  Since I’m only giving you the scripture verses it could take you from 10 to 30 minutes.  However, you will gain so much more because the Holy Spirit will be your teacher.

You must keep a quiet heart, which means finding a quiet place.  You should allow more than the time you will need. And make sure your heart is right before God.  Do not study the Bible with unconfessed or secret sins.

Read the scripture verses listed.  Ponder them.  Turn them over and over in your mind.  God will enlighten you.  It’s very simple, and quite profound.

If these occasional BSO’s are not enough for you and you want to go deeper into Bible study, see the category to the right “Word Studies” and, for even more, see one of my other blogs:  Bible Study Notes for the Kingdom of God.

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