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“…and beginning from this Scripture he preached Jesus to him.”  –  Acts 8:35 (Luke 24:25-27, 31-32, 44-48; John 1:45; 5:39; Acts 28:23)

This blog is an adjunct to A Scriptural Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom.  The foundation of all that I write here on this blog can be found on that blog.  If you’ve found your way to this blog without knowing about that one, please know that this blog is not written to stand alone – it will make complete sense only in the light of that primary blog.  (Its Introduction gives an overview of its message, and its About section tells about me.)  Again, writing that blog is my primary purpose, and this adjunct blog exists merely in support of that effort.

I began this blog in 2010 and over the years have altered its title several times.  These changes have been minor; the general thrust of the blog has remained the same.  If you want a specific accounting of those names, see Names of This Blog.

All of us who speak in the name of Christ have a greater responsibility and incur a stricter judgment than humanity at large.  While A Scriptural Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom is one way I give an account of my faith and bear witness of God to my fellow human beings, this adjunct blog exists as my way to provide extra material for those of you who are familiar (or want to become familiar) with the Bible.  Whether you are ordained or laity, whether you are male or female, whether you speak to millions or just lead a handful, I respect your service for Christ.  You know the Scriptures and bear witness of God to the best of your ability, just as I do.  I feel a particular responsibility to share with you the truths God has made known to me.  And with you, I feel a liberty to do so in more biblical language than I do on the main site.

I have continued to learn about Christ throughout my walk with Him, though not always at an even pace.  I did not come to the positions that I declare lightly or quickly.  Nor was I even seeking most of the notable truths themselves (e.g., Everyone Is Going to Heaven); I didn’t even know enough to hope that such things were true.  I was just seeking to learn more about Jesus.   Search the Scriptures yourselves.  See whether the things I write are so.  Then you can preach and serve Him in even greater glory than you have in the past.  Be aware, though, that speaking in God’s name, or even living at all, is still a holy and fearful task, as Judgment Is Upon Us.

I hasten to acknowledge that some of you may already know all of these truths, and more.  In that case, I trust that what I write will be an encouragement to your faith.  May you be emboldened to share all you know of Him with everyone who will listen.

I don’t claim copyright to anything I write on this site.  You are free to use my material however you wish – with or without attribution.  (See official notice to this effect at bottom of this page.)  As for material copyrighted by others to which I link or that is otherwise accessed here, we should all respect their rights.

I have no special calling.  If anything, I am least in the kingdom of God.  But even as the least of His brethren, I am allowed to give Him praise and that is just what I intend to continue doing as long as I draw breath on earth…and then throughout all eternity, along with all of you.

You do not need me or these blogs, but we all need Him.

Comment Policy

I welcome challenge and criticism; the truths I proclaim will withstand testing.  If you’d rather not identify yourself, that’s okay, as I do allow comments to be made anonymously.

I only delete comments that are spam or excessively profane.  The only editing I do of comments is to remove profanity as an alternative to deleting the entire comment.

Where a response is sought, I try to give one in a timely manner.  Otherwise, I only respond if I think it will be helpful.  In cases where there is no reconciliation of views, I prefer to let the challenger have the last word.  May the Spirit of Jesus Christ prevail and may His truth make progress in all our hearts.

If you like what I write, just practice it – you don’t need say anything to me about it or make yourself known to me. I don’t need your approval and you don’t need mine.  Walk before God and walk with God – that’s what matters.

Bible Copyright Notice

On this blog, and on all my blogs, any quote of the Bible that I give, unless specified otherwise, comes from the New American Standard Bible (NASB), copyright 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by the Lockman Foundation, La Habra, California, All Rights Reserved.


  To the extent possible under law, Michael D. Gantt has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the content of this website.

4 Replies to “About this blog”

  1. Imagine talking to someone who attempts to justify the horrific crimes against humanity committed by Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin. What would you think of such a person? Even if they condemned such behavior today, their justification of brutal crimes committed in the past would not be excusable. You would look upon such a person with disgust and contempt and consider them incredibly immoral.

    So let’s take a look at Christianity. Practically every version of Trinitarian Christianity, from fundamentalist to liberal, sees Jesus as the God of the Old Testament. To deny that Jesus is the God of the Old Testament is to deny the Trinity. If Jesus is the God of the Old Testament he is guilty of some of the most barbaric, horrific acts of infanticide and genocide known to man. Yet Christians of all stripes pray and worship this mass murderer of men, women, and little children.

    Any Christian who refuses to condemn and denounce the God of the Old Testament is immoral.

  2. You malign and mischaracterize the Old Testament. Moreover, you are, in effect, calling Jesus of Nazareth immoral, for He revered the God of the Old Testament as holy.

    You are asking me to choose your view of the Old Testament over that of Jesus. I don’t have to tell you which one of you I choose.

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