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Why do I write about the Bible?  The flowers of truth in the Bible are oftentimes obscured by the weeds of human opinion.  And working the garden requires patience, lest in the weeding, the flower itself becomes damaged.  Given the massive size of this garden and the abundance of its flowers, the time-constrained gardener focuses his efforts where he figures he can do the most good and the least harm.  But when, in the kindness and providence of God, the blazing heat of the noontime sun and the conditions of the soil conspire to give that gardener an unsought opportunity to remove some particularly noxious weeds which had choked at some particularly beautiful flowers, he only insults a gracious God and those who love flowers if he does not act.

The flowers that I present to you in this blog – at least some of them – have certainly suffered in the shadow of much human opinion.  In the simple labor of seeking to know Jesus these flowers came to my attention.  I pass them on to you having thoroughly weighed the gravity of bringing forth teaching which, at least in some instances, contradicts many long-held opinions.

But if it is wrong to pop off one’s mouth with every new Bible insight he thinks he has received (and it is), it is also wrong to remain silent when God has graciously blown away the fog of a long-standing confusion.  Even if some of the positions offered on my blogs are new to some ears, they have the merit that they are far more consistent with the Bible, God’s faithfulness, and Jesus’ honor than the positions which they refute.  And so the newness has to do not with something different and strange, but with the newness of His mercies…which never end.

None of us ever labors for God alone.  We are beneficiaries of those who’ve labored before us and around us.  The only way I know that I can begin to repay the incalculable debt I owe to the many who’ve helped me to see what I see in the Bible is to set forth as clearly as I can what I have seen.

Join with me, as I have joined with others, in living life at the feet of Jesus who loves us all and to whom we indeed owe everything.

7 Responses to About the Bible

  1. cretien says:

    Join with me in preaching Grace and Truth!

  2. Mike Gantt says:

    You seem to think that there is still Bible prophecy remaining to be fulfilled. See All Bible Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled in Christ

  3. cretien says:

    It’s much more than just prophecies; I wish I can summarize, but I cant put it into a summary, else it will not make any sense. If anything, when you get a chance, you won’t regret it.

  4. Mike Gantt says:

    I read the timeline on your home page. You are making the mistake of so many other “doomsday prophets.” The formation of modern Israel in 1948 has nothing to do with biblical prophecy. (See the link I gave you above about all prophecy pointing to Christ.) Note also that the Second Coming of Christ occurred long ago.

  5. cretien says:

    It’s really about the mysteries of godliness, the rest are for after.

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  7. Phillip Mutchell says:

    it’s wonderful that your reading of scripture has led you to the conclusion that Jesus did indeed return at the ‘end’ of Israel’s corporate life as God’s covenant people, but then you rush to the absurdity of calling Jesus ‘almighty God’. Pray tell, if we are indeed to be free of human opinion and be those who hear God, how precisely does the Almighty God have a God as Jesus most certainly insists he has? God is only the author of confusion to those who won’t hear him and as Edward Elwell insists ‘the voice of reason is the voice of God’ is this not the beauty of the faith we’ve been given, praise God that it’s when brethren reason together having the logos of God abiding in them that their daily sins might be washed clean. Regards.

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